Since 2009 Onelab has delivered application development projects and solutions in the cloud for companies of various verticals in several countries. This experience allows us to design the solutions and execute the projects with methodology and knowledge.

Continuous technological update

We are a company that provides solutions to its customers under the latest technologies. We keep working and getting to know the latest trends. Each of our professionals in your area maintains continuous training and experience in the tools they use.

Business vision

When we consider a technology solution, at Onelab we know that consulting is always present in each of the stages of the project, so we do not just talk about technical issues.

Close relationship

Personalized and close attention allows us to understand the daily problems. An efficient contact with the client generates a positive impact on the development of Apps and solutions on the web.



Maden S.A. (Uruguay)
Abasto de Raciones (Uruguay)
Buscamultas – Valor Indirecto (España)
Bunker 360 (Israel)
Agromil (Uruguay)
CEPA Safe Drive
Pelesystem (Panamá)

Würth Uruguay
Würth Chile
Abengoa Mexico
Abengoa Brasil
Teyma Uruguay
Archidoc (Uruguay)
Bayer Cropcience (Uruguay)

Pulso Acompañantes (Uruguay)
UCM Uruguay Grupo Falk
Servimedic (Uruguay)
Infocorp (Uruguay)
Hub Sec (Perú)
Vademecum PR (Argentina)
Intec Asociados (Uruguay)