Welcome to OneLab


“OneLab is the result of more than 15 years of experience in the technology and internet market, which has allowed us to create a professional quality team with which we design a work plan with ambitious goals for our entrepreneurship, with the aim of transforming it in a innovative solutions for our customers. ”


Daniel Do Carmo


Develop software solutions for mobile devices and web based on quality services, which allows our customers to increase the productivity of their companies, enrich the link with their customers, enhance the positioning of their brands. Be a business partner that adds value to the relationship and joint projects.


Make OneLab a professional company that provides companies wherever they are found services and products of excellence. Create a space in which our work team feels comfortable and where their knowledge and personal goals are valued. Involving ourselves with our environment, seeking solutions and supporting initiatives that aim for a better society to live.


Continuous technological update

We are a company that seeks to provide solutions to our customers under the latest technologies. We keep working and getting to know the latest trends.

Business Vision

Not only will you find a team of developers and technicians, you can count on a team that internalizes your business and will contribute your vision with the responsibility that the experience gives us.


Our business partners allow us to provide specialties in the process of creating Apps that our team does not have knowledge. The associativity represents an important value in our company.

A close deal

A personalized and close customer service allows us to understand the daily problems. Being able to determine how our company provides a solution is not enough with just sending some mails.


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